Filter Configurator dialog box

The Filter Configurator dialog box allows you to specify the conditions to filter components in the BOM table.

  1. Columns
  2. Properties
  3. Add
  4. Delete
  5. Expression
  6. Conditions
  7. Expression Editor


Selects columns to apply the filter to.


Specifies the available properties that can be used to apply the filter.
Note: When specified the options above, the condition can be added by pressing the plus sign.

Filter conditions

Displays the conditions were added. This includes the properties, it’s condition, value and unit.


Adds a condition for the selected property.


Deletes the selected condition(s) from the filter.


Shows or hides the expression editor.


Displays all the added conditions that will be used to filter the content of the BOM table.

Expression Editor

Displays the Expression Editor where you can configure and preview the filtering expression.