Layer Property Filter dialog box

The Layer Property Filter Dialog Box allows you to create a new layer filter definition, based on the properties of the layer.

  1. Filter Name
  2. Filter Properties
  3. Filtered Layers

Filter Name

Sets the name of the filter.

Filter Properties

Sets the properties to filter the layers. Layers that fulfill all indicated properties of the filter will be added to the layer filter.

Layer Name

Filters the layers based on their name. You can use wild cards to specify more than one layer, for example Doors-* for Doors-Exterior and Doors-Interior.

  • # - matches any digit. For example, ## matches 12 and 34 but not 5 or 123 (ASCII code: 35).
  • @ - matches any alphabetic character, so not digits or symbols. For example, @@@@@ matches all 5-letter layer names. (ASCII code: 64).
  • . - matches non-alphanumeric characters, so symbols but not letters or numbers. For example, .* matches all layer names starting with a non-alphanumeric character such as _SITEPLAN and +1_LEVEL (ASCII code: 46).
  • * - matches any string, including letters, numbers, and characters. For example, A* matches all layer names starting with the letter A (ASCII code: 42).
  • ? - matches any single character. For example, ?AB* matches LABORATORY and CABARET but not STABLE, because STABLE begins with two letters and ? specifies a single letter (ASCII code: 63).
  • ~ - negative match, in which any string but the pattern is returned. For example, ~*A* matches all layer names not containing the letter A (ASCII code: 126).
  • [ ] - Matches any one of the characters enclosed inside the square brackets. For example, LA[YB] matches LAY and LAB(ASCII code: 91 93).
  • [~] - Specifies any one of the characters not found in the square brackets. For example, LA[~YB] matches LAD but not LAY or LAB (ASCII code: 91 126 93).
  • [-] - Specifies a range for a single character in the layer name. For example, LAY-[A-E] matches any combination of LAY- and A through E, such as LAY-A ... LAY-E but not LAY-F (ASCII code: 91 45 93).
  • ‘ - Matches the next string exactly to find a layer name that contains a wild-card character when it is prefixed by the reverse quote character. Use ` to search for layer names that include characters like ? and ~. For example, `~LAY* matches ~LAY-1,~LAYER-1, and ~LAY-B (ASCII code: 96).
Note: ASCII code: if a character is not available on the keyboard, press and hold the Alt key and then type the ASCII code on the numeric keypad.
Specifies which layers to include according to their properties, such as freeze and color.

Filtered Layers

Displays the layers that fulfill the requirements of the filter.