Compatibility between Communicator and BricsCAD

BricsCAD Communicator® works with a BricsCAD Pro license or higher.


The two first product numbers must match. For example, BricsCAD 22.1.xx is only compatible with BricsCAD Communicator 22.1.xx. Previous BricsCAD versions (V21 or older) are not compatible.

There's one exception: For BricsCAD Communicator® V21, all BricsCAD versions are compatible, provided that the major version number is 21.

  • BricsCAD Communicator® V22 installs and runs independently of previous versions.
  • The compatibility between BricsCAD Communicator® and BricsCAD is always mentioned in Release Notes for BricsCAD Communicator®, under Versioning. The Release Notes for BricsCAD Communicator® are available from the download page.

We strongly recommend using the latest product version of the major version number.