Drawing rays

A Ray is a line that starts at a point and extends to infinity. Because rays extend to infinity, they are not calculated as part of the drawing extents.

The default method for drawing a ray is to select the start point of the ray, and then specify its direction.

As they are often used as references for creating other entities Rays and Infinite Lines (XLINE) are sometimes referred to as construction lines.

The Ray tool is available on:

  • The Draw menu.
  • The Draw toolbar.
  • The Draw ribbon panel.

General procedure

  1. Launch the RAY command.

    Prompts you: Infinite ray: Start of ray or [Horizontal/Vertical/Angle/Bisect/Parallel]:

  2. Specify the start point of the ray.

    The ray displays dynamically.

  3. Specify the direction of the ray.

    The next ray displays dynamically.

  4. (option) Keep specifying directions to draw a series of rays, starting from the same point.

  5. Right click to stop drawing rays.