Drawing revision clouds

A Revision Cloud is an open or closed polyline composed of arcs. Revisions clouds are used to for reviewing or redlining purposes to indicate the parts of the drawing that need to be adjusted or annotated.

Revision Clouds: 1. Normal 2. Calligraphy 3. Reversed calligraphy (based on a rectangle).

Note: The Reverse option is available only in Entity mode or when creating an open revision cloud using the Freehand mode.

REVCLOUDCREATEMODE: sets the default mode.

REVCLOUDMINARCLENGTH: sets the minimum arc length.

REVCLOUDMAXARCLENGTH: sets the maximum arc length.

REVCLOUDARCSTYLE: sets the default style (normal or calligraphy).

REVCLOUDGRIPS: when On, grip editing a revision cloud also affects adjacent segments.

The Revision Cloud tool is available on:

  • the Draw menu
  • the Draw toolbar
  • the Draw ribbon panel
  • the Draw tab of the No Selection Quad

General procedure

  1. Launch the REVCLOUD command.

    Prompts you:

    Specify first point or [Arc length/Entity/Rectangular/Polygonal/Freehand/Style] <default mode>:

  2. Specify a point to start creating a freehand mode revision cloud.
  3. As you move the cursor, the revision cloud is being created.
  4. Move the cursor to the start point to finish.

    BricsCAD reports in the command line: Revision cloud finished.

  • If you right click at the first prompt you start creating a revision cloud in the default mode (= current value of the REVCLOUDCREATEMODE system variable).
  • If you right click before the cursor is at the start point, an open revision cloud is created.