The Transparency property allows to control the transparency of drawing entities. You can set the transparency for a selection of entities or for all entities on the same layer. The default transparency for new entities is controlled by the CETRANSPARENCY system variable. The default transparency for Hatches and Gradient Fills is controlled by the HPTRANSPARENCY system variable.

Transparency can be used to enhance the display of your drawings, for example to de-emphasize less important details or entities that are used for reference only.

The options to set the Transparency are:

  • ByLayer: apply the value of the transparency property of the layer.

  • ByBlock: entities created using the transparency ByBlock inherit the transparency of the block when you insert the block into a drawing.

  • Value: values between 0 (fully opaque) and 90 are accepted.

    The transparency level is limited to 90 % to avoid confusion with layers that are frozen or turned off.

Printing transparencies

Transparencies will only be printed if the Plot Transparencies option is checked on the Print or Page Setup dialog boxes.