Working with layers

You can create and manage layers in the Layers section of the Drawing explorer dialog box (EXPLAYERS command) or in the Layers panel (LAYERSPANELOPEN command).

The Drawing Explorer dialog box cannot be opened while you use other commands, while the Layers panel can. You can move and resize it as desired, or even move it to a second monitor.

Current layer

New entities are drawn on the current layer. To draw new entities on a different layer, you must first make that layer the current layer.

  • The current layer is saved through the CLAYER system variable.
  • The CENTERLAYER* system variable controls the layer where centerlines and centermarks created by the DIMCENTER command are placed on.
  • The DIMLAYER* system variable controls the layer for dimension entities created by the dimensioning commands.
  • Entities created by the INTERFERE command are created on the layer which is specified by the INTERFERELAYER system variable.

* The default value is <Use Current>

To set the current layer, do one of the following:

  • With no entity selected, select Layer on the Properties panel, then choose the new current layer in the drop down list.
  • On the Entity Properties toolbar, click the down arrow next to the Layer field, then choose a layer in the drop down list.
  • On the Layers panel on the Ribbon, click the down arrow and choose a layer in the drop down list.
  • Right click on the Layer field in the Status Bar, then choose a layer in the context menu.
  • It is possible to turn the display of the current layer off (). As a result, everything you draw will be invisible until the display of the current layer is turned on () again. A warning displays if you try to turn off the current layer.
  • It is not possible the freeze () the current layer.

Layer states


Layer states are named content stored in a drawing.

Layer states allow you to save and restore configurations of layer properties and states. You might want a layer to display in blue sometimes and green at other times, or you need some layers to be off or frozen or locked when editing a specific part of a drawing. After spending a lot of time adjusting all layer settings, you can use layer states to save your settings. You can save multiple layer states in each drawing. You can copy layer states between drawings and you can save a layer state to an external file, which can then be imported in another drawing.