Annotative dimensions

Dimension entities are created using the current dimension style:

  • If the dimension style is annotative, the dimensions get the annotative property automatically and the current annotation scale is assigned.
  • If the dimension style is not annotative, you need to make the dimensions annotative manually.
  • The Dim Scale Overall setting (DIMSCALE system variable) is not editable for annotative dimension styles, and is neglected for annotative dimensions.
  • It is recommended to set Dim Scale Overall = 1 for annotative dimension styles.

To make a dimension entity annotative

  1. Select the dimension entity.

    The properties of the selected dimension entity are displayed in the Properties panel.

  2. Select the Annotative property.
  3. Choose No from in the options list.

    The dimension entity is scaled with respect to the current value of the DIMSCALE system variable.