Creating ordinate dimensions

An ordinate dimension annotates the perpendicular distance from an origin or base point (the origin of the current coordinate system (WCS or UCS). Ordinate dimensions consist of an x- or y-coordinate and a leader. An x-ordinate dimension measures distances along the x-axis, while a y-ordinate dimension measures distances along the y-axis.

As you select ordinate points, the program automatically detects whether the point is x- or y-ordinate based depending on the direction you drag the second point. You can also specify whether the ordinate represents an x- or y-ordinate. Ordinate dimension text is always aligned with the ordinate leader lines, regardless of the text orientation specified by the current dimension style.

To create an ordinate dimension

  1. Set the origin of the coordinate system at the reference point for the ordinate dimensions.
  2. Launch the DIMORDINATE command.

    You are prompted: Select point for ordinate dimension:

  3. Specify a point.

    The ordinate dimension is dynamically displayed.

    You are prompted: Leader endpoint [Xdatum/Ydatum/Text/Angle]:

  4. Click to position the ordinate dimension.