Model space viewports

The display in model space (Model Space, with tiled viewports) can be divided into multiple viewports, each of which can contain a different view of the current drawing. All viewports are displayed in a tiled manner. You can work in only one of these viewports at a time but all viewports are updated simultaneously. When no command is active, click in a viewport to make it the current viewport. You can print the current viewport only.

The coordinate system (WCS or UCS), grid display and snap can be set per viewport.

The VPORTS command creates and manages model space viewports.

Working with multiple viewports

  • Click in a viewport to make it current.
  • The border of the current viewport is highlighted. You can resize the viewports by dragging their borders.
  • The cursor is shown in the current viewport only.
  • You can start a command in one viewport, and finish the operation in a different viewport.

Joining adjacent viewports

You can join viewports which share an edge of equal length.

  1. Launch the VPORTScommand.

  2. Select the Join command option.

    You are prompted: Select inside dominant viewport <Current>:

  3. Click in the dominant viewport or press Enter to choose the current viewport.

    The border of the selected viewport is highlighted.

    You are prompted: Select inside viewport to join.

  4. Click the viewport to join again to confirm.

    The two selected viewports are joined.