Define reflected ceiling plan




Reflected ceiling plans show a mirror image of the ceiling. These are useful to show the layout of lights and other installations in the ceiling. To produce the reflected ceiling plan a section is created. This section displays the part of the building above the section boundary.

For more information about this command, visit the Command Reference article BIMSECTION.

Create a reflected ceiling plan

  1. Select Reflected Ceiling Plan from the ribbon or enter BIMSECTION into the Command line followed by R to choose the Reflected ceiling option.

    You are prompted: Select a point to place section:

  2. Select the ceiling or a face with a plane parallel to that of the ceiling.

    You are prompted: Specify distance:

  3. Do one of the following:
    • Type a value in the dynamic dimension field to offset the section from the initial position.
    • Left-click when the section plane is at the location you want.
  4. The reflected ceiling section has now been defined. To view hover over the section and select Clip display from the Quad.

  5. To generate the reflected ceiling plan on a sheet, hover over the section in the model and select Generate Section from the Quad.
  6. To open the section result drawing click Open Model. The sheet is saved to the same folder that contains the model drawing.

    If you need more help with how to generate drawings, visit the Generating Drawings page.

    If you want to annotate your drawings, see how to add tags and linear dimensions.