Detailing with BimPatch

Note: BIMPATCH cuts out part of geometry and replaces it by a block reference. In this cutting process, entity data linked to the 3D model are lost. Therefore, starting from V21.2, this command is no longer available.




In this procedure, we will add fixtures and a vapor barrier to our window-wall connection. We will detail this window-wall connection.

Procedure: detailing a window connection

  1. Open the section.
  2. Go to the model space by double-clicking in the viewport ortoggle the viewport mode in the Status Bar.

  3. Launch the BIMPATCH command in the model space.
  4. Draw the rectangle over the detail and hit enter.

  5. Hover over the section object and launch Refedit from the quad.

  6. A menu appears, select the patch (1) and click OK (2).

  7. Draw the required detail for the window-wall joint. We will add a vapor barrier.

  8. Save the changes made in the RefEdit session with the Save option of the REFCLOSE command.
  9. Go back to the paper space. The detailing of the window connection is done. If we now move the window to the left in the 3D model, you will see that the detail you made a patch of moves along.

    Note: If you would have added the vapor barrier in the model space of the section without making a patch of it, the vapor barrier wouldn't be seen as a part of the detail. If you would move your window, the vapor barrier would stay in the same position as you drew it before.