Interior elevations




Interior elevations show wall elevations and floor plans for individual Spaces. They provide the details and dimensions of building elements. This can be particularly useful for interior designers or to make a layout of power sockets and light switches. In BricsCAD they can be automatically defined by a BIM Space.

For more information about this command, please read BIMSECTION.

Create interior elevations from a BIM space

  1. Hover the cursor over a Space Tag and select Define Interior Elevations from the BIM Tab in the Quad Or type BIMSECTION in the Command line, followed by i and Enter to choose the interior option.
    You are prompted: Select BIM Spaces to generate Interior Elevations or [Attach section]:

  2. (Skip if you used the Quad) Select the BIM Space for which you want to create the interior elevations and hit Enter.
    The interior elevations for each wall and the interior floor plan are now defined. They can be found in the Structure Browser.

    Six interior elevations and one interior floor plan have been created and will appear in the structure browser.
    Note: If there already are interior sections for a Space, running BIMSECTION again on that Space will have no effect. To regenerate the interior elevations, you must delete the existing interior elevations in that Space and run BIMSECTION again.
  3. To show or hide the interior elevations you can use the HIDE/ISOLATE/UNISOLATE objects commands or you can go to the properties of the Space and switch the interior elevations on and off in the BIM tab.

  4. Select all elevations, as illustrated above and select Generate Section from the Quad to generate the interior elevations on a sheet.

  5. To open the section results click Open Modelwhilst the section planes are selected.
    The sheet is automatically saved in the same folder as the model drawing. The following elevations have been produced and can be edited for the selected Space in the model above:

    Note: The section drawings are stored in the file InteriorElevations by default. If you generate sections of a second Space, the sections will be added to the same file as the previous ones.

    If you need more information on how to generate drawings, visit the Generating Drawings page.

    If you want to annotate your drawings, see Annotate > Creating linear dimensions.

Edit the size of the interior elevations

It's possible to edit the size of these sections to include furniture for example. If you create interior elevations for a BIM Space, the offset value is 50mm by default. To include furniture in a section, you have to change this value.

  1. To change this setting type INTERIORELEVATIONOFFSET in the Command line and hit Enter. Type a new value and press Enter or click on two points in your drawing and the distance between them will be selected.
    You can also change the offset by typing Settings in the Command line, search for elevation and adapt the Interior Elevation Offset Distance value.

  2. If you make new Interior Elevations, the offset distance will be the chosen value. This is also visible when you select the interior elevations in your drawing:

  3. This results in more detailed section sheets with the furniture included.

    Without specified offset distance (50 mm)

    With specified offset distance (2100 mm)