Bill of Materials types

There are 3 BOM types in BricsCAD®:
  • Top level

    Contains top-level components only. Top-level components are components inserted directly into the main assembly. This type of BOM lists the main components only, without details of subcomponents.

  • Bottom level

    Contains bottom-level components (parts) only. Bottom-level components are parts that do not contain other parts or subassemblies. This type of BOM lists all parts in the main assembly, regardless of which component the parts belong to.

  • Hierarchical

    Contains all components with their subcomponents listed directly below. The serial numbers of subcomponents is a sequence of numbers separated by dots (for example, "1.2.3"). This BOM type shows the hierarchical structure of the assembly.

Note: The BOM status property controls which parts are included in a Bill of Material. The level of a component in a BOM table is set with respect to the BOM status of all related components. For example, a component with a Terminal BOM status is always considered as bottom-level, even if it contains other parts or subassemblies.

Example: Tripod assembly

Type Bill of Material
Top level
Bottom level