Selection set

In addition to main and column filters, it is possible to specify a selection set for a bill of materials. When a selection set is specified, the corresponding BOM table will show only parts from that selection set. Following types of selection sets are supported:

  • Entire model – default selection set, all parts and subassemblies in the current model will be included.
  • Subassembly – allows to select a subassembly, which will act as a root component for the bill of materials.
  • Drawing view – allows to link a BOM table with a certain drawing view, so only parts included in that view will be shown in BOM. Note that even if a part is not visible in a particular drawing view, but has been included into this view, then it will be included in the corresponding BOM table.
  • Layout viewport – allows to link a BOM table with a layout viewport (including a drawing view), so only parts visible in this viewport will be shown in BOM. The difference with the previous mode is that only visible parts will be included; parts, completely hidden or not in the viewport will be not shown in the BOM table.
  • Custom selection – allows to select a subset of top-level components, which will be shown in a BOM table.

To set a selection set for a table, use BOM manager or a corresponding option of BMBOM. It is also possible to change a selection set for an existing BOM table using either Edit selection command of BOM manager or BMBOMEDIT command.