Sort a BOM table

There are 3 sorting modes for BOM tables:
  • Automatic order

    The table content is sorted as follows: component name, physical material name, thickness (if applicable), parameters (in alphabetic order), and quantity.

  • Natural order

    The table content is not sorted. Instead, all components are in the order of their appearance in the document. In most cases, parts added earlier will precede parts added later.

  • Custom order

    The table content is sorted according to the columns you select. If no columns are specified, the natural order is used.

BOM tables use so-called "natural sorting" of text. It means that if text contains a mix of letters and numbers, it will be sorted with respect to those numbers. For example, strings "N1", "M2", "N11", "N2", "AA1" will be sorted as "M2", "N1", "N2", "N11", "AA1." Therefore, it is possible to assign custom numbers with various prefixes to components using custom parameters, and then sort the BOM tables by those numbers in the correct order.