Mechanical workspace

Start a mechanical design project

You can start a mechanical design project:

  1. Launch BricsCAD. The BricsCAD Launcher window appears.
  2. Click Start in the Mechanical design section.

BricsCAD mechanical application window

BricsCAD Mechanical
  1. Ribbon tabs: click to switch to a particular tab.
  2. Ribbon panel: every tab contains several panels, which combine similar tools.
  3. Mechanical browser: browse through a tree-like representation of your model, with the possibility to highlight a particular node in the model area and edit its mechanical properties.
  4. Mechanical properties of a particular node: some are read-only. Check the properties of the root node in the tree.
  5. Dockable tool panels: mechanical Browser and Library.
  6. Quad cursor menu: apply a particular tool when you hover over an affected entity.
  7. Command line: type in the command.
  8. Status bar: status and switch hot options.
  9. Properties panel: Adjust non-mechanical properties of selected entities, such as color and layer.