Introduction to BricsCAD Shape

What is BricsCAD Shape

BricsCAD® Shape is the new conceptual modeling tool from Bricsys. It’s made to help architects and engineers streamline their 3D schematic design work. Shape is the fastest way to get designs out of your head and in front of your clients. It’s CAD-accurate, using a powerful direct modeling engine.

You can use it as a live presentation tool, too. Potentially best of all, Shape offers a clean, simple user interface that you can learn in 30 minutes or less.

BricsCAD Shape lets you create without limits

Shape’s smart modeling tools make it easy to capture in 3D. The multifunctional Shape tool can be used to create walls, slabs, structural elements and more. Direct modeling features let you drag, connect, push/pull and extrude as you like. Wall connections are automatically mitered for you.

BricsCAD® Shape also offers everything you need to present your designs. It comes with a library of materials, textures and pre-built 3D components. You can use the included collection of doors and windows, or create your own custom versions easily. Make your model look the way you want using the Visual Styles panel in Shape.

How is BricsCAD Shape different from other tools?

First, BricsCAD® Shape is CAD-accurate from the start. Under the simple UI is the same fast and proven parametric, 3D direct modeling engine that’s in BricsCAD® Pro. Shape creates solid models, stored in industry-standard DWG – just like BricsCAD® BIM. Unlike competing products, Shape’s solid models are fully accurate – never approximated. Every element that you create in Shape can be modified deeply, anytime, on the fly. Your concept models open directly in BricsCAD® BIM. You’ll never lose time starting over again. Make the smart move – directly from concept to BIM with BricsCAD® Shape with no loss of detail.

BricsCAD Shape accelerates your BIM workflow

The Bricsys BIM workflow starts in 3D with Shape, and stays in 3D – speeding 2D construction documentation with the world’s best drafting tools. No breaks or transitions in your workflow, all in DWG, with a friendly, familiar user interface that you’ll appreciate. It won’t take long for you to be productive in BricsCAD Shape or BricsCAD BIM.

Stop sketching. Start shaping!

Get your free copy of BricsCAD Shape! BricsCAD Shape delivers the tools you need, and none that you don’t. Even the learning materials are clean and simple – check out “10 Minutes to BricsCAD Shape” on YouTube, Bricsys channel.