Animation editor panel

The Animation Editor panel allows you to create schedules for multi-parametric animations with complex camera movements and render them as 2D videos.

  1. Add scene
  2. Add timeline
  3. Render video
  4. Record graphics for the current scene
  5. Load animation graphics
  6. Configurator
  7. Lock/unlock timeline button
  8. Disable/enable timeline effects button
  9. Slider

Add scene

Opens the Add scene dialog box to specify the scene name and its duration (s):

Add timeline

Adds the selected parameter to the timeline.

One of the parameters that can be added is the sun effect. Once the sun animation sequence is added to the timeline, several properties are available in the properties configurator of the Animation Editor panel.

Sequence properties
Define the properties of the sun sequences on the timeline.
Sun properties
Define the properties of the sun itself regarding its position and timing.

Render video

Opens the Render video dialog box to specify the render options:

Render frame rate (fps)
Sets the frame rate of the video.
Sets the resolution of the video by selecting it from the drop-down list.
File format
Sets the format of the output video. You can select a file format from the drop-down list:
  • avi (AVI Animation)
  • mpg (MPEG Animation)
  • wmv (WMV Animation)
Start time
Sets the time position of the animation to start the render.
End time
Sets the time position of the animation to end the render.

After clicking the Render button, the Save Video As dialog box opens to allow you to save the rendered video.

Record graphics for the current scene

Records animation graphics and saves it to a zip-archive or to a folder of your choice.

Load animation graphics

Loads animation graphics data from a zip archive or a folder and opens the special mode for playing these graphics.


Toggles the configurator panel.

Lock/unlock timeline button

Toggles the timeline to lock any timeline changes or vice versa, in order to enable changes.

Disable/enable timeline effects button

Toggles the timeline effects between enabled and disabled. Disabled timeline effects are excluded from the animation.


Move the slider to zoom in/out on the timelines.