DOCKPRIORITY system variable

Docking Priority

Specifies the docking priority of top, left, right and bottom docking bars. Changing this preference will take effect only after restarting the application.

BricsCAD only



Saved in:



1 to 14

Default value:


Possible values:

1: Top, Left, Right, Bottom

2: Top, Bottom, Left, Right

3: Top, Left, Bottom, Right

4: Top, Right, Bottom, Left

5: Left, Right, Top, Bottom

6: Left, Top, Bottom, Right

7: Left, Top, Right, Bottom

8: Left, Bottom, Right, Top

9: Right, Top, Left, Bottom

10: Right, Bottom, Left, Top

11: Right, Top, Bottom, Left

12: Bottom, Left, Right, Top

13: Bottom, Left, Top, Right

14: Bottom, Right, Top, Left