Prompt option format

Specifies how command options are displayed in the Command line prompt. A command option has a keyword, a description and a shortcut. The shortcut is the keyword without lower case characters (a-z).

e.g. the third option of the CIRCLE command:

Keyword = TanTanRad

Description = Tangent-Tangent-Radius

Shortcut = TTR

Note: The PROMPTOPTIONTRANSLATEKEYWORDS user preference controls whether translations of command option keywords are loaded or not. If disabled, the local keyword will be a copy of the global (English) keyword. As a result global shortcuts can be used without an underscore.

BricsCAD only



Saved in:



0 to 4

Default value:


Possible values:
0: Show description only, adjust casing to mark shortcut

Select center of circle or [2 Point/3 Point/Tangent-Tangent-Radius/turn Arc into circle/Multiple circles]:

This is the default prompt option format in the English version. In other versions the default prompt option format depends on local standards.

1: Show keyword only
Select center of circle or [2Point/3Point/TanTanRad/Arc/Multiple]:
2: Show description and keyword in brackets
Select center of circle or [2 Point(2Point)/3 Point(3Point)/Tangent-Tangent-Radius(TanTanRad)/Turn arc into circle(Arc)/Multiple circles(Multiple)]:
3: Show description and shortcut in brackets
Select center of circle or [2 Point(2P)/3 Point(3P)/Tangent-Tangent-Radius(TTR)/Turn arc into circle(A)/Multiple circles(M)]:
4: Show local keyword and global keyword in brackets (relevant in localized versions only)
Select center of circle or [2Point/3Point/TanTanRad/Arc/Multiple]: