QAFLAGS system variable

Quality Assurance flags

Internal system variable with flags for Quality Assurance and testing. The value is stored as a bitcode using the sum of the values of all selected options.

Attention: this is subject to change, and not intended for regular use. Some of these options could have unpredictable or unwanted side-effects.



Saved in:



0 to 32767

Default value:


Possible options:

1: Red device: no low quality draw

2: No pause during text screen listings

4: No 'alert' dialogs (text display instead)

8: Have Warnings act as Errors and stop scripts

16: Minimal audit report

32: Disable window recreation on switch between 2d and rendered visual styles.

64: Enable various performance measurements printed as info prompts

128: Parallel vectorization: EnableSchedulerLogOutput

256: Cmd message enable

512: Dcl take screenshot

1024: Print time on statusbar

2048: No crash dump file

4096: Create assert log file

8192: Create RED files during rendering

16384: Parallel vectorization performance measurement