Project folders migration to the new user interface

We have decluttered and simplified the folder structure to improve usability and give everyone in the project a clearer view.

For existing projects, this required project folders to be migrated to the new UI, supporting our newly separated Tools (also known as Apps) structure in Administration > Project Setup: Files (Documents, Binders, and BIM), Address book, Forms, Messages, etc.

What’s changed?

  • Only Document, Binder and BIM folders will support Document and Binder subfolders.

    For example: A Document folder with a Messages or Address Book subfolder has been separated.

  • BIM folders are now contained within the Files app, alongside Documents and Binder folders.
  • Documents, Binder and BIM folders cannot have BIM subfolders.

No information, data or other project configuration has been lost or changed.

Only relevant subfolders have been relocated by app (for example: Address book, Forms, Mail etc.).

You cannot switch back to the old folder structure, but you can reorganise your newly migrated folder structure using the folder drag handles:

Projects will feel more organised, with a more familiar layout. We hope this new structure will make 24/7 easier and more clear for everyone to use.

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