How can I customize BricsCAD's right-click behavior?

The system variable SHORTCUTMENU controls whether the Default, Edit and Command menus are used or not. The value is stored as a bitcode using the sum of the values of the selected options.

  • 0: disable all 3 shortcut menus. Right-click is always Enter.
  • 1: enable the Default menu. This is displayed on right-click when nothing is selected, and no command is active.
  • 2: enable the Edit menu. This is displayed on right-click when an entity is selected.
  • 4: enable the Command menu. This is displayed on right-click when a command is active.
  • 8: enable command mode shortcut menus only when command options are currently available from the command line.
  • 16: enable the display of a shortcut menu when the right mouse button is held down longer than the value of the SHORTCUTMENUDURATION system variable.

Shift + right-click always displays the Entity Snap menu.

Note: The contents of these menus can be customized (Tools > Customize... , Menus tab) in the tree on the left in the branch BRICSCAD > Context menus . Note that for the Edit context menu, depending on which entity is selected, the items of the according OBJECT_ or OBJECTS_ shortcut menu are inserted.