Licensing error -17 (BricsCAD cannot connect to a network license server)


We are using a network license. When BricsCAD tries to connect to the server it reports error -17.


It is either a virus scanner, a firewall or a proxy server.


Please check the following:

  1. Is a TCP/UDP connection possible between the BricsCAD computer and the server? To test the TCP connection between the BricsCAD computer and the network license server, open a Windows PowerShell terminal and run:
    Test-NetConnection -computername <SERVERNAME> -port 5053
    Note: Replace <SERVERNAME> with the computer name of the server.
  2. Is a virus scanner running on the server blocking the RLM service? If so, unblock it.
  3. Is there a firewall between BricsCAD and the server? If so, open port number 5053 and the port number assigned to the Bricsys license server. This port number is assigned dynamically when the server starts. You can see this port number on the general Status page on the web interface of the RLM license server.

    You can fix that port number by modifying the next line in the license file:

    ISV bricsys into ISV bricsys port=the_port_number.

    After changing this, the server program (rlm.exe on Windows, rlm on Linux/OSX) needs to be shut down and restarted.

    If this does not solve it, add the program rlm.exe as an exception onto the Firewall exceptions. Restart rlm.exe after doing that.

  4. Is there a proxy server between BricsCAD and the server? On the computer where BricsCAD is running, create following system variable(s):
    • HTTP_PROXY=server:port
    • (optionally) HTTP_PROXY_CREDENTIALS=username:password if the proxy server supports basic authentication.
Note: See also the article Advanced configurations.