Licensing error -1005 (Key already used)


Failed to activate a license key, error message is Key already used (error -1005).


The license key has already been activated on the maximum allowed number of computers.


Deactivate the license on one of the computers where the license was activated.

If you cannot deactivate it, contact Support. Indicate clearly which license key you want to deactivate and why you couldn't deactivate it:

  • Because the computer cannot be used anymore. If you still have the .lic file, please attach it to the support request. If you don't have the .lic file, and you have a single license, and it is also activated on another computer, then attach the .lic file from that computer, indicating that is the activation which should not be deactivated. Location of the .lic file:

    On Windows:


    On Linux and OSX:


  • Because the license was activated on the website, and the 'Deactivate' button is disabled in BricsCAD. Attach either the .lic file, or the hostid of the computer which was used to activate the license on our website.