Why are the toolbar icons displayed as question marks?


After upgrading some toolbar icons display as question marks.


The new default.cui file that came with the new version is not used.

There can be several reasons why the default.cui was not replaced:

  • The user responded no when asked if it was OK to replace the existing default.cui with the new one (users who made modifications to default.cui may indeed decide not to replace it...).
  • The path of the default.cui file cannot be found in the variable SRCHPATH.
  • The resource file is missing.
  • For some reason, the BricsCAD User data file update manager failed to work.


Open the Customize dialog and press the Revert to defaults button.

This will copy the most recent default.cui from the central data-cache folder replacing the one in the user's local data-cache folder.

Note: Modifications made by the user to default.cui will be lost. Therefore, if you want to customize menus and toolbars, save them a separate .cui file, which can then be loaded as a Partial CUI file on top of the default.cui.