Why does changing the position and visibility of the toolbar have no effect?


Changing one of the following properties of a toolbar in the Customize Dialog does not seem to have any effect:

  • Position (top, bottom, left, right, floating)
  • Visible (show, hide)
  • Xval, Yval


These properties of a toolbar, as shown in the Customize dialog, are stored in the CUI file. They are used when a user starts BricsCAD for the first time, or with a new profile. Once BricsCAD was shut down once, the positions, docking state and visibility are stored in the registry (config file on Linux), and the values from the CUI file are no longer used.


The changes made to one of these properties in the customize dialog, will only be visible when starting BricsCAD with a new profile, or by new users that use this CUI file.