Why the default.cui is reverted at startup?


  • The message A backup of default.cui was created... is displayed at the command prompt.
  • All GUI settings (toolbars, menu etc.) are reverted to defaults.


The default.cui is reverted (= replaced with default.cui from the user data cache) and the message displays in the following cases:

  • Local root folder is missing.
  • Either roamable root folder itself or Support subfolder in the roamable root folder is missing or there are no files in the Support subfolder.
  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Bricsys\BricsCAD\Vxx\en_US\Settings\VersionCustomizableFiles is lower than the version number hard-coded inside BricsCAD.
  • The Created time of default.cui from the installation is newer than the created time of default.cui in the roaming root folder.


Local and roamable root folders (with their subfolders) are created by BricsCAD at startup. Also, all necessary files are copied from the user data cache.

If the message A backup of default.cui was created... keeps being displayed at startup, then missing local and roamable root folders is the most probable reason.