Why tools from MNU/MNS are missing in CUI?


When a MNU or MNS file is loaded as main or partial customization file, some of the tools in toolbars or menus are missing. When the tools are selected in the Customize dialog, an error message is shown in the properties panel (e.g. Tool not found in MacroGroup: SomeMenugroup.SomeToolID).


Tool IDs are case sensitive. When the MNU/MNS file contains IDs that are equal but, in another case, the toolbar/menu will not find the correct item.


This can be fixed easily in the MNU/MNS file by making sure that all IDs are case sensitive. In the above example, if you replace ID_Mkbom with ID_MkBom, the file will be converted correctly.




ID_MnTools [Tools]

ID_MkBom [Make &B.O.M.]^C^C^Pmakebom



ID_TbTools [_Toolbar("Tools", _Top, _Show, 5, 1, 1)]

ID_Mkbom [_Button("Make B.O.M.", "dt1_bom", "dt3_bom")]^C^C^Pmakebom

When BricsCAD converts this MNU file to CUI, it will interpret ID_MkBom and ID_Mkbom as two different items but only add one MenuMacro. Therefore, the item in the menu will work but the toolbar button will not.