Creating entities

In a drawing you can create a variety of different entity types. Drawing entities can be very simple such as lines, circles, arcs, points and rays or complex such as polylines, splines and planes. Apart from 2D entities you can also create 3D surface entities or 3D solids in BricsCAD.

To further complete your drawing, BricsCAD provides a series of tools to add text, hatching and dimensions.

General procedure to create new entities

New entities are created using the current entity creation settings on the current layer in the XY-plane of the current coordinate system, by default this is the World Coordinate System (WCS).

  1. (option) Set the current layer.
  2. (option) Adjust the entity creation properties in the General section on the Properties panel.
  3. Launch the command.
  4. Execute the command according to the command prompts.