Drawing arcs

The default method for drawing circular arcs is to specify three points: the start point, a second point and the endpoint.

Other methods to draw arcs can be found in the Arc submenu of the Draw menu and in the Arcs toolbar.

The Arc tool is available on:

  • The Draw menu.
  • The Draw toolbar.
  • The Draw ribbon panel.
  • The Draw tab of the No Selection Quad.

General procedure

  1. Launch the ARC command.

    Prompts you: Enter start of arc or [Center/Follow last point] <Follow last point>:

  2. Specify a point.

    Prompts you: Enter second point or [Angle/Center/Direction/End/Radius]:

  3. Specify a point.

    Prompts you: End point:

  4. Specify a point.

Editing an arc

  1. Select the arc.

    The properties of the arc display in the Properties panel.

  2. Type a new value in the Center , Radius , Start angle or End angle, then press Enter.

  3. Press the Esc key to stop editing the arc.