Quick guide on using a network license

Make sure the network/IT admin is involved in the process.

1. Server acting machine actions

  1. Download the Bricsys Network License Manager and install it with default settings:


    Info related to server security policies:

    After installation, the RLM.exe must be allowed to use 3 ports: 5053 for the license, 5054 for the web UI, and a dynamically allocated port by Windows for the ISV server which can be set fixed after activation as described in the Advanced Configurations article.

  2. When the activation dialog is displayed, use the license key from your Bricsys account.

    Info related to server security policies:

    The activator application is C:\Program Files\Bricsys\Bricsys Network License Manager\actNetworkLicense.exe and has to be able to reach the license.bricsys.com/actpro port 80

  3. The RLM license manager administration page is on localhost:5054

2. Client machine actions

The client machine must be:

  • In the same LAN with the RLM machine, physically or by VPN connection.
  • Able to communicate with the RLM machine on port 5053 by the TCP/UDP protocol.
  1. Install BricsCAD with default settings.

  2. Start BricsCAD and activate the Network License: <servername>/<ip number> and <port>

    (there may be no need for this as BricsCAD will check the network for a license server at the start)