Drawing recovery manager panel

The Drawing Recovery Manager panel displays a list of drawing files that can be recovered after a program or system failure.

After a program or system failure, a notification balloon displaying a drawing recovery message appears the next time you start the application. When you click on Open Panel link in the notification balloon, the Drawing Recovery Manager panel opens and displays a list of all drawing files that were open, including .dwg, .dwt and .dws files. A new unsaved drawing can be found in the Drawing Recovery Manager panel if the corresponding autosave file (.sv$) was created while editing the new drawing.

Note: You can disable the balloon notification display by toggling off one of the TRAYICONS and TRAYNOTIFY system variables. In this case a drawing recovery message dialog box appears on the Start page instead.
Note: The DRAWINGRECOVERY and DRAWINGRECOVERYHIDE commands can be used to show/hide this panel.
  1. Backup Files
  2. Details

Backup Files

Displays a list of folders containing the drawing files that can be recovered. For each drawing, you choose from the following file types, if they exist:
  • DrawingFileName_recover.dwg
  • DrawingFileName_a_b_nnnn.sv$
  • DrawingFileName.dwg
  • DrawingFileName.bak

Recovered drawings are added to the Recent Files list and removed from the Drawing Recovery Manager panel the next time the program is launched.

Right-click on any item to display the context menu to access different actions depending on the selected item.

  • Open all drawings: opens all files from that folder.
  • Remove: removes the folder from the panel without recovering the files.
Sv$ file:
  • Open: opens the file.
  • Save as .dwg: saves the file as a dwg file.
Dwg file:
  • Open: opens the dwg file.


Displays a few details for the selected file, such as the name, location and size of the file and the time it was last saved.