Folder Access

Give access rights to roles. You can select a folder and set the access rights per role.

Folder access inspector

Viewing rights

Printing rights

Downloading rights

Adding object rights

Adding revision rights

Annotating rights

Editing rights

Deleting rights

Attaching a workflow rights

Adding a subfolder rights

Sharing rights

Attaching a form rights

Access types

No access

Access own: Rights to objects the user created or uploaded himself in the folder

Access all: Rights to all objects in this folder

Selection bar

Easily switch between By role and By folder view.

Toggle access

You can use the top and right handles to quickly toggle the access rights:

  • no access

  • access own

  • access all

Create Snapshot

Take a back-up of your access rights at this moment in time.

Revert Snapshot

Revert to the access rights to a previously saved snapshot.