The forms app lets you build a form, fill in a form and search through its records. A form is a pre-structured “file” that gives a user the possibility to add information in a structured way. Once a form is created, a user can fill in a form and a record will be created and saved on Bricsys 24/7.

There are 3 ways of using forms.


Let a user fill in or select pre-structured information about the document when uploading a file on Bricsys 24/7. Without noticing it, the user can or has to fill in a form during upload. Once the user filled in the form and uploaded the document, a record of the form will be saved and attached to the document.

Example "Building Metadata"

When a user uploads a document, extra fields are shown under the description box. In this case the user has to select the:

  • Document type:
    • Contract
    • Plan
    • Invoice
    • Picture
    • Other
  • Discipline
    • Decoration
    • Electrical
    • HVAC
    • Safety
    • Structural
  • Building
    • Building A
    • Building B
    • Building C
  • Floor
    • -1
    • 0
    • 1
    • ...
    • 4

Where can you view the metadata:

  • document details
  • document list by enabling the document columns (see document folder)
  • form

Benefits of Metadata

1. Advanced search

Search in the advanced search on the filled in forms to find a document. For example:

Search for all electrical plan on the third floor without knowing where exactly the plan is stored on Bricsys 24/7, you can easily find it.

2. Filter on metadata

Metadata is visible in the document folder using the column selector. Use the filter button to search for Plans by filling in 'Pla' (for example).

3. Automatically generate a name

Optionally generate a name for the document based on the filled in the form. This gives your documents a structured name following the naming convention for your project. All documents will be named correctly according to your naming convention.

4. Create reservations

Create reservations for documents to be uploaded. When metadata is used to generated a name, you are able to create reservations which are empty documents to be filled in by the user.

An extremely useful tool in your document planning. Make sure all desired documents, plans are delivered.


Instead of adding a note to a document, a user could attach a form (with pre-structured information) to a document to give a comment in a structured way. Once the user filled in the form a record of the form will be created and attached to the document.

Example "Change request"

A user can fill in or select an existing change request and attach it on a document.

Benefits of attaching a form to a document

1. Add additional information in a structured way
2. Search through the records

Search through the records of the filled in form in the form viewer.


Fill in a form to build a database in a structured way on Bricsys 24/7.

Example "Investment demand"

Users can fill in the investment demand form in the Form App. The responsible for the investment demands can now search through these records and make better decisions about the investment.

Benefits of using a form to build a database

1. Search through the records

Search through the records of the filled in form.

2. Export the data

Download the data in an Excel list to further filter and generate reports with the data.

Form viewer

Click on a form to open the form viewer. You can add or delete records depending on your access rights and search through the records of the form.

In order to add a record:

  1. Select 'Add record'
  2. Fill in the form
  3. Select 'Save'
  4. A record will be added and saved

In order to delete a record :

  1. Select a record (If you see the record this means it is selected at that moment)
  2. Select Delete record

In order to link records:

  1. Select a record
  2. Select Link
  3. Choose the form
  4. Select the record you want to link it to