-3DOSNAP command

Toggles entity snap modes for 3D entities.

BricsCAD Lite; BricsCAD Pro; BricsCAD Mechanical; BricsCAD BIM


Toggles 3D entity snap modes for drawing and editing entities in 3D space at the Command line (short for "3D object snap").

Options within the command

nearest (ZNEA)
Snaps to a point on the face of a 3D entity that is nearest to the cursor, equivalent to the ZNEAREST command.
vertex (ZVER)
Snaps to the closest vertex of a 3D entity, equivalent to the ZVERTEX command.
midpoint (ZMID)
Snaps to the midpoint of a face's edge, equivalent to the ZMIDPOINT command.
center (ZCEN)
Snaps to the center of a flat or curved 3D face, equivalent to the ZCENTER command.
perpendicular (ZPER)
Snaps to a point perpendicular to a face, equivalent to the ZPERPENDICULAR command.
Knot (ZKNO)
Snaps to a knot on a spline, equivalent to the ZKNOT command.
intersection (ZINT)
Snaps to the intersection of linear entities, edges and polar or entity snap tracking lines with faces, equivalent to the ZINTERSECTION command.
PointCloud Nearest
Snaps to the nearest point cloud point.
Turns off all 3D snap modes, equivalent to the ZNONE command.
Enables all currently set 3D snap modes.
Disables all currently set 3D snap modes.