How to repair or perform a clean BricsCAD installation?


  • First of all, try creating a new BricsCAD profile and check if the issues are removed.
  • Run the installer and choose the Repair option.
  • The software checks which version is currently installed:
    • If this version is more recent than the one you are trying to install, the installation procedure is aborted automatically.
    • If the version of the installer is more recent, the installation procedure updates the software.
    • If the versions are the same, you are prompted to either Modify, Repair or Remove the current installation.

The above assumes that the installation went wrong. Sometimes, however there is a problem in the configuration (the cui file for instance, and the user profile stored in the registry), and this is not fixed by the re-installation. Often, the re-installation is not even required or helpful, and just a clean reinitialization is needed in order to reset BricsCAD to the default settings.

Clean install


  1. Uninstall BricsCAD:
    • Go to Settings > Apps > Apps & features.
    • Select BricsCAD Vxx.x.xx (x64) en_US and click Uninstall (1).
  2. Rename user and program folder:


    C:\Program Files\Bricsys\BricsCAD V23 en_US

  3. Download and install BricsCAD:


  1. Uninstall BricsCAD:
    • Go to the Applications folder.
    • Right click on BricsCAD V23 and select Move to Bin.
  2. Rename/remove user folder and config file:
    • In the Finder > Go select Go to Folder....
    • Type:
      ~/Library/Application Support/Bricsys/BricsCAD
    • Rename/remove the V23x64 folder.
  3. Rename/remove the config file and reg file:
    • In the Finder > Go select Go to Folder....
    • Type:
    • Rename/remove the config and reg file
  4. Download and install BricsCAD:


  1. Uninstall BricsCAD:
    • Open the terminal and type:
      sudo apt-get --purge remove bricscadv23
  2. Rename/remove the support folder:
    • Home > Bricsys > BricsCAD > V23x64
  3. Rename user folder and config file:
    • First, make sure that Show Hidden Files option is enabled.
    • Navigate to Home > .bricscad and rename/remove the config and reg files.
  4. Download and install BricsCAD: