Maintenance offer

Why buy maintenance?

With maintenance Without maintenance
Access to Help Center
Access to Forum
Self-paced Learning
Product Upgrades & Updates All upgrades & updates while on maintenance Update releases only
Support Priority support within 2 days Regular support
Quality Support Tickets handled by an expert Regular support
Supported Versions The latest 3 versions On latest version
Preferential Treatment for Bug Logs & Feature Requests -
Access to Plugins, such as ProjectWise, Vault, etc. -

Our maintenance contract includes:

1. All product upgrades and updates

Install any major or minor release during the duration of your contract. Take a look at the release notes of previous releases to get an idea of the wealth of improvements and new features that get added to your product on a yearly basis.

2. Priority support

Be the first in line to receive support.

For maintenance customers we aim to reply in 2 business days, and on critical, installation, and license issues, even faster than that.

3. Get help from an expert

Log your case through our support portal and your ticket will be picked up by the right expert based on the issue category you selected. Our experts are able to understand your issue rapidly and help you efficiently.

4. We support you up to 3 versions back

You can decide when you are ready to upgrade to a newer version. We support you on the last 3 major versions and will actively search for workarounds if you are not ready to install the latest upgrade yet.

  • Non-maintenance customers are supported on the most recent version only. This means that we will try to reproduce the issue in the latest version and advise to upgrade if the issue is fixed there.
  • Fixes in the software are implemented in a future release and are evaluated and potentially planned by the product team.

5. Preferential treatment of bug logs and feature requests

If an issue is discovered in the software or you are missing a specific function, we log your requests with our product development team. Requests coming from maintenance customers get preferential treatment.

Note: It remains up to the product team to fit any future development into the product strategy and plans.

6. Get access to plugins, such as ProjectWise, Vault, etc.

You will have access to a wealth of plugins to assist with productivity and beyond!