What files are automatically loaded by BricsCAD?

Files loaded at startup:

  • bricscad.r: file that comes with the program. The filenames in it are loaded on startup.
  • on_start_default.lsp: lispfile that comes with the program
  • on_start.lsp: userdefined lisp file
  • default.dvb: this file is created automatically but by default it does nothing.

Files loaded when a drawing is loaded:

  • on_doc_load.lsp: userdefined lisp file
  • on_doc_load_default.lsp: lispfile that comes with the program

Files loaded when the default menu is loaded:

  • default.mnl: lisp file

Additional MNL files that are loaded when a third-party menu of the same name is loaded.

Binary modules. At the time of writing, these are:

  • PlotStyleServices_21.4_15.tx
  • TD_DynBlocks_21.4_15.tx
  • TD_Sm_21.4_15.tx
  • DbConstraints_21.4_15.dll
  • LGSConstraints_21.4_15.dll
  • AcModelDocObj_21.4_15.tx
  • ExFieldEvaluator_21.4_15.tx
  • bdm_db.tx
  • bdm_module.tx
  • bmdb.tx
  • bmxhdw.tx
  • bmui.tx
  • bmext.brx
  • devcmds.tx
  • RecomputeDimBlock_21.4_15.tx
  • TD_Ave_21.4_15.tx