Why are menus not displayed in the main CUI file?


Some pull-down menus from the main CUI file are not displayed anymore.


To be compatible with AutoCAD, only menus with a POP alias are shown in the MENUBAR (POP1 through POP32).

Menus from the main CUI file without a POP alias are not shown (by default) in the menu bar. They can be shown by the user at run time with the MENUCMD LISP function:

(menucmd "P5=+MENUGROUP.ALIAS")


The problem can be solved by adding a POP alias in the CUI file:


Such a POP alias will automatically be added by the Customize dialog when a new main menu is created in the main menu group.


A POP alias is only necessary for the main CUI file. From the partial CUI files, all menus display by default (except the context-menus aka shortcut-menus).

Context menus are distinguished by alias: CMCOMMAND, CMDEFAULT, CMEDIT, SNAP, GRIPS, an alias starting with 'OBJECT_' or 'OBJECTS_', or alias 'POPxx' where xx is either 0 (zero) or a number between 500 and 999.