Exports 3D entities in the current drawing to FBX format.

BricsCAD Lite; BricsCAD Pro; BricsCAD Mechanical; BricsCAD BIM
Note: If you wish to export 2D entities, you must first give them a thickness.


There are two methods to export to FBX format:

  • Export all visible entities.
  • Export only the selected entities.

Options within the command

Select the entities to be exported.
Exports all visible entities.
Note: This option excludes the entities on frozen or off layers, and those that are not visible in the current viewport.
Prompts to select among entities, lights, cameras and materials.
Exports all entity types.
Includes the texture files into the FBX file.
Reference to file
Adds a reference link in the FBX file to the location of the texture files.
Copy to file
Copies the texture files to the destination folder, separately from the FBX file.
Note: Texture files are not included in the FBX files when they are very large or when a common set of texture files are used by rendering and animation projects.
Enter path to export fbx file:
Specify the path to the folder in which to place the FBX file, or press Enter key to accept the path provided.
Note: Typing ~ displays the FBX export dialog box, which allows you to select a folder.