MVIEW command

Creates one or more viewports in Paper space (short for "make viewports") to display entities drawn in Model space. Each viewport can have its own settings, shown below.

BricsCAD Lite; BricsCAD Pro; BricsCAD Mechanical; BricsCAD BIM


Alias: MV

Note: This command operates only in Paper Space.
Note: To create viewports in Model space, use the VPORTS command.


Specifies the first and the opposite corners to create a rectangular viewport.

  1. First corner
  2. Opposite corner
  3. Viewport
  4. Viewport border
  5. Paper space (Layout)

Options within the command

Turns on viewports that are turned off.
Turns off viewports.
This option hides the content of the viewport; the viewport border remains visible. To hide the viewport border, place it on a separate layer, and then freeze the layer.
Locks the viewport's scale factor.
Set the scale factor with the ZOOM command's nXP option.
Draws a rectangular viewport that fits the current layout.
create 2 viewports
Draws two rectangular viewports.
Draws two horizontal viewports of equal size.
Draws two vertical viewports of equal size.
create 3 viewports
Draws three rectangular viewports.
Draws one viewport above two side-by-side viewports.
Draws one viewport below two side-by-side viewports.
Draws one viewport to the left of two stacked viewports.
Draws one viewport to the right of two stacked viewports.
create 4 viewports
Draws four rectangular viewports of equal size.
Converts an object into a viewport border.
The viewport is traced over the object; the original object remains in the drawing. This option is useful for ensuring a viewport border precisely matches an outline.
Draws non-rectangular viewports made of lines and arcs.
draw Arcs
Enters arc drawing mode; options from ARC command are activated.
draw Lines
Enter line drawing mode; options from LINE command are activated.
Draws the next line segment at a specified distance and angle.
Draws the next line segment at the same angle.