Settings dialog box

The Settings dialog box allows you to change the values of system variables and user preferences.

  1. Categorized
  2. Alphabetic
  3. Show differences
  4. Dialog configurations
  5. Search bar
  6. Next
  7. Previous
  8. Export
  9. Name
  10. Description
  11. Properties


Lists variables in related groups.


Lists the variables alphabetically.

Show differences

Lists variables whose values are changed from the initial (default) values.

Dialog configurations

Searches for variables, configures how the search is carried out, and specifies how differences are handled. The Configure Settings dialog box opens when clicking the icon.

Search bar

Lists variables through a real-time search field when entering the first few letters of their names or descriptions.


Jumps to the next candidate that matches the search phrase.


Jumps to the previous candidate that matches the search phrase.


Opens the Export Settings dialog box to allow you to save all settings and values to a CSV file.


Displays the name of the selected system variable.


Displays a brief description of the selected system variable.


Lists several basic properties/characteristics of the selected system variable.