How to add Organization Info

Add info from your Bricsys account

  1. Log into your account on
  2. Click your name in the upper right corner.
  3. Select My Account.
  4. Click Add your organization. An automatic search is performed based on your email domain and the found associated organizations are listed.
  5. Click + Join on the desired organization and continue.
    • After joining an organization, the user status is Unauthenticated employee of that organization. A verification mail is sent to the admin of that organization to approve or reject the employee request.
    • To disassociate from a joined organization, click the Remove button next to the organization's name.
  6. If your organization was not found, click Add a new organization.
  7. Fill in all required fields, marked with '*'.

Once the details of the newly added organization are saved, the user can purchase from the E-Store. The first contact buying for a new organization will automatically become admin.

Once you set your organization, you can ask for a role (the assignment will be performed by the organization admin).

Possible roles within the organization

  • Admin:
    • Can buy from E-Store on behalf of the organization.
    • Can invite/set roles members of organization.
  • Financial Manager: can buy from E-Store on behalf of the organization.
  • Employee: can see Support Request of all organization members (not yet implemented).
  • Rejected Employee: user who rejected the organization invite.
  • Unauthenticated employee: can see his own Support Requests.
  • License Manager: manages the licenses in his organization (not yet implemented).

Admin area

  • In My account, a My organizations section will appear.
  • Admins can invite/manage roles for other organization members.
  • It is possible to add/correct organization data.
  • The VAT number will automatically be checked against the expected number for the selected country.

It is not mandatory to be part of an organization, but it will restrict the possibility to buy from the E-Store. Users that are not part of an organization will have to contact Back Office to buy on their behalf.

Being part of an organization but not having an Admin/Financial Manager role will also restrict the possibility to buy from the E-Store. A purchase request can be sent to your administrator to purchase it for you.