OVERKILL command

Deletes duplicate and overlapping entities and combines duplicate blocks.

BricsCAD Lite; BricsCAD Pro; BricsCAD Mechanical; BricsCAD BIM



Deletes duplicate entities and overlapping lines, arcs, and polylines, and unifies partly overlapping or contiguous ones. Optionally moves duplicates to a dedicated layer. Combines duplicate blocks and optionally purges duplicate block definitions.

After selecting the entities, the Delete Duplicate Entities dialog box displays.

Options within the command

Instead of selecting entities, another option can also be selected.

Combine duplicate block definitions
This options displays the Combine Duplicate Block Definition dialog box. Here you can define entity properties to ignore and set tolerances.

Once all preferences are defined and applied, the Overkill Command Context panel displays.

Overkill command context panel

The Overkill Command Context panel allows you to specify which duplicate block definitions should be combined.

  1. Block list
    Displays a list of all groups of duplicate block definitions found. Choose which groups to combine by ticking the corresponding selection boxes.
    For each group is displayed the number and the names of duplicate block definitions found. Expand a group and click on any block definition name to highlight its corresponding instances in the drawing.
  2. Combine
    Combines all selected duplicate block definitions of the list.