XCLIP command

Clips externally-referenced drawings with polygons to hide parts of them, and adjusts the front and rear clipping planes (short for "xref clip").

BricsCAD Lite; BricsCAD Pro; BricsCAD Mechanical; BricsCAD BIM


Alias: CLIP


Choose one or more xrefs to be clipped or enter ALL to choose all xrefs in the current drawing and create the desired clipping boundary.

Options within the command

Turns on clipping boundaries that were turned off by the OFF option.
Turns off clipping so that all of the xref is again visible. The clipping is saved and is turned on again with the ON option.

Sets 3D clipping to the front and rear, to hide parts of 3D models that might obscure the front and confuse the back.

Specify front or back clip point
Specifies the position of the front and back clipping plane by picking the two points or enter coordinates. The cutting plane is parallel to the current viewpoint.
Specifies the distance of the clipping point by entering the distance from the clipping boundary to the front or rear planes.
Removes the front or rear clipping point.

This option does not operate until you create at least one clipping boundary. It is no useful for 2D xrefs.

Inverts the clipping mode so that the interior of the clipping boundary is hidden from view (the outer area is visible); repeat this option to invert again, making the inner portion visible.
It is much easier to toggle the Invert status through the Properties panel.
Erases all clipping boundaries; does not prompt or warn you.
generate Polyline
Draws a polyline over a selected clipping boundary: this allows you to edit the clipping boundary, but in an indirect manner. This new generated polyline could be edited with PEDIT command and reused it as a New boundary option.
New boundary

If an existing boundary is detected you may choose to delete it or not.

Caution! This option replaces all existing clipping boundaries with the new one. The command continues only when all previous boundaries are deleted.

If no previous boundary exists or just deleted an existing one:

Select polyline
Choose any open or closed entity made from polylines, such as splined polylines, rectangles, donuts, and polygons. While the polyline does not need to be closed, it cannot cross over itself.
Creates non-rectangular clipping boundaries, with a minimum of three sizes.
Creates rectangular clipping boundaries.