Bricsys Beta Tester Program


The Bricsys Beta Tester Program allows Beta Testers (users of BricsCAD) to test new features before general release.

You can join the Bricsys Beta Tester Program by accessing the following link: Click the Join to Program button and complete the form.

A beta is a feature-complete version of BricsCAD we provide to our Beta Testers before a major release. We gather the Beta Testers' feedback on the usability of the product. Beta versions contain experimental features, so it may have bugs. That's why we need users like you!

Currently, we run beta testing in two waves. The first betas are released during the summer before the main release. The second is released in the spring before the maintenance release. The exact timing depends on the release dates.

When you sign up to the Beta Tester Program, you will receive an email detailing how to download the beta version and other instructions on how to test it.