How to create a keyboard shortcut?

To create a keyboard shortcut (e.g., Ctrl+Alt+E) which will launch the Drawing Explorer, do the following:

  1. Open the Customize dialog box.
  2. Select the Keyboard tab.
  3. In the left panel, select the customization group file to which you will add this shortcut. You can add it to the main BRICSCAD customization group, or preferably to one of your own partial menus.
  4. Right-click and select Insert shortcut.
  5. The Add keyboard shortcut dialog box opens.
  6. Check the Select available tool option.
  7. In the tree list below, select the Drawing Explorer tool (it is located under: Available tools > BRICSCAD > Drawing Explorer).
  8. After pressing the OK button, the Add keyboard shortcut dialog closes and the focus returns to the Customize dialog. All the values for the new shortcut have been filled out expect for the keyboard key itself.
  9. In the Properties grid of the new shortcut select Key field, then press the key combination you want to assign to the shortcut. Ctrl+Alt+E in our example.