Install and use BricsCAD on a Citrix server

Do not run BricsCAD when the Citrix server is in install mode. If you did, erase the Bricsys registry subtree under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\Terminal Server\ before other users log on.


I installed BricsCAD on a citrix server, logged in as administrator. When I start BricsCAD logged in as a normal user, the following problems occur:

  • Access violations when copying files to C:\Documents and Settings\ADMINISTRATOR\...
  • Unable to load program parameters file (default.pgp), and default.cui. BricsCAD starts up with an empty user interface.


When installing BricsCAD on the server, the server is probably running in Install mode. This is OK, but you should NOT RUN BricsCAD while in install mode. When BricsCAD runs on a terminal server in install mode, this registry key is initialized:



RoamableRootfolder and LocalRootFolder, pointing to C:\Documents and Settings\ADMINISTRATOR\...

Because we're running in Install mode, all Bricsys' registry keys are copied to:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\Terminal Server\....

When a user logs on, these registry entries are copied to the user's HKCU registry. Therefore, when BricsCAD starts up, the RoamableRootfolder and LocalRootFolder are not initialized to the user's Documents and Settings, but re-use the administrator's values, i.e. c:\Documents and Settings\ADMINISTRATOR\.., where this user most probably has no access.